I have just  measured the pavement outside my house it's exactly 2 metres from my boundary to the kerb, so when people walk down Avenue Road 2 plus and I am coming towards them there isn't room to pass, it's normally me the vulnerable person that steps into the road. if I am watering my pots in my front garden and a group or even one comes along then they are not 2 metres from me.  Station Road goes in and out of 2 metres. Can pairs or more people single up and preferably walk in the road so we can keep the distance.  It might be a good idea to make it a one way pavement up one side and down the other, it at least gives us a chance of keeping the right distance.

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I did my small walk again today, I was on the police station side of Station Road, two people and a pram chatting away, and taking up far more of the pavement than was necessary, I got as far away as possible but certainly not 2 metres,  walked along a bit further another three people coming towards me, I was on the inside this time, no singling up just keep walking and chatting, I did actually stick out my left arm (which is not even a metre long) oh did they jump.  Are people really that stupid that they do not know what 2 metres are?

Yesterday a chap from Dexters walking along Avenue Road, with what I presume were a couple he was dealing with, no two metre distance there and as I walked towards them YET again I had to step into the road, this time I did say something. 'This pavement is 2 metres wide and not wide enough for 3 people to walk along side by side'.  Later they did it in reverse as I saw them go past my window.

I am really getting fed up with the casualness that a lot of people in Hampton are doing, stay safe, well I hope I can with all these idiots around.  Most people are adhering to it, well have been, just the last few days it's disappearing. We are still in lockdown I think people are forgetting that

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