Hi Matt

Could you please delete some of my posts it appears to have put itself up 5 or 6 times and obviously I only want it on once.  I had to leave it 'hanging' yesterday as the site wouldn't take it.  I also got a sign 'I am not a robot' and then had to tick boxes. What is that about?  Jan

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Hi Janice - Really sorry about this. The network forums have logged numerous complaints of slow posting, multiple posting and hanging from multiple sites. These issues are network-wide and unfortunately we are dependent on the provider sorting these problems out.

My suggestion is that anyone finding they post something and the site freezes, just give it a minute and reload the site in another window, rather than post again. You should find the first post will pop up on the site eventually.

Thanks Matt, I did leave it alone, I think I tried twice but no more than that I wouldn't have done many attempts.  Thank you for explaining

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