The hours I have wasted travelling up and down this road is uncountable.  What makes me angry is that last night when I finally reached the temporary traffic lights that were causing havoc, the guy was sitting in his van on his phone and then still on his phone when I had to return down the A308 half an hour later.  This morning I set off super early at 7.20 am from Thames Ditton, I reached the traffic lights at 7.50 am and guess what he was in his van again and then again at 8.20 am, maybe he was scared that if he was visible outside he may receive communication from the public in rush hour!  I managed to take a look at the ground work ...I witnessed a 1/2 meter 'scraping' of the road and that was about it.  Does Thames Water know what chaos this causes every time they dig up the road? They should have fines slapped on them for not fixing their leaks properly. Having to do the return journey twice a day a few times a week it is incredibly frustrating sitting in this traffic, the red lines on the map attached depict the traffic jams, that I witness, there are probably more which I have not seen.  I'm dreading the journey at 5pm tonight :-(  What are they doing to fix this road once and for all????????


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Isn't time Thames Water employed a full time workforce solely for A308/Thames Street

There never seems to be anyone working more than a couple of hours. It's been this way for the 28years I've lived in Hampton. We are going to try meeting my grandsons Mum( my daughter Victoria) by taking the ferry to Molesey and hopefully cut out the appalling traffic. Please please sort the road and it's water pipes out once and for all.

The pollution is dreadful, time to get the Mayor of London involved he keeps promising to give us clean air.

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