In case some people don't know.  3 way traffic lights along the A308 just past Church Street going towards HC.  The whole area is bunged up.  It took me 40 mins this afternoon at 2.45 to get over to West Molesey to pick up grandchildren, just made the school in time, and then I left there at 7.15pm this evening, took over 20 mins to get near the bridge and I decided to miss the A308 and go towards Kingston, then up Sandy Lane and through Hampton Hill and cut through from there.  That took me an hour to get home.  One man reported to the corner shop that it took him 2 hours from Sunbury to Hampton.  No notices to say when it will be finished, so I thought I would put a warning up.

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Not not a soul working there this afternoon, Saturday.  Nothing changes, just the queues get longer.

That's disgusting and should be looked into.  Emergency road works, can't be if no-one is there and here we were no trains, can't get out by road, Twickenham on and then we had football.  What a lovely area to live in !!!!

I have tried to tweet this, I am new to tweeting, but surely they should be fined, TW that is, upset the whole area and no one working, if an emergency break in the pipes surely they should be working 24/7 to repair it, not days off

Read this on Sunday, so decided to drive my wife to work this morning via Walton bridge. Left Hampton at 8am to hopefully arrive Hersham at 9am. The traffic on the A308 was horrendous towards Hampton Court it was backed up to Kempton Park. Said to my wife we made the right choice coming this way, all through lower Sunbury fine and then we hit it, traffic towards Marsalls ( Walton ) roundabout was backep up to the Flowerpot pub and barely moving. Our car then started overheating due to a minor coolant problem ( which should be fixed tomorrow) so reluctantly decided to abort our journey to try avoiding any damage to the cars engine. Even heading for home the whole area was gridlocked. All this because of the failure of TW to get this sorted once and for all. As you said work should be happening 24/7 no excuses. My wife was so upset today as she is a PA one on one carer to a highly disabled young woman who relies on her. We pay our money to TW. so where is the service? NOWHERE.

Traffic chaos again - Thames Water?

Really?  I wanted to go into Kingston tomorrow, can't believe it's happening again sooooo soon

Looks like Roadworks on A308 again- our old friends Thames Water again?

Heavens above, we have only had a break for a week.  There was a leak on the left hand side going towards HC at the time they were doing emergency works.  Anyone know how long these are to take?  Guess being half term they thought it a good time, but with the Easter Traffic as from next Friday will they be clear by then?

Saturday 13.04.19 @15.00--taken nearly 50 minutes on the 216 to Hampton, road works, traffic lights, barriers what's missing? Hmmm! Of course, nobody there working, how unusual is that?

No one seems to want to take ownership of the problem. LBRUT, I asked if at least they could advise drivers to switch their engines off when not moving, they're working on it, jolly good, and of course there was no one available to speak to and nobody bothers to call back. 

What's happening Gareth?

Uh oh- Thames Water have started digging up Upper Sunbury Road again (thanks for the early wake-up) with 3 way control at the lights. I see no warning of this on the TW and RUT websites. Looks like another round of chaos. Anyone know what’s going on? Gareth, if you have finished your victory celebrations, can you please advise on the situation. Presumably this has been planned to coincide with Half Term.

Thanks for the heads up. reports that Thames Water (again) are carrying out repairs to pipes from 27th May to 5th June, with 'multi way signals'. is a useful website.

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