A couple of days ago we received a letter from TfL alerting us to the following. I don't know how wide-ranging their letter drop was, so just in case others in the area are unaware...

The Hope & Anchor* (Apex Corner) flyover will be affected by roadworks including joint replacement and road resurfacing as follows:

Monday 7 Oct - Friday 11 Oct: The flyover will be reduced to one lane in each direction overnight, between 2200 to 0500

2200 Friday 11 Oct - 0600 Monday 14 Oct: The flyover will be closed in both directions, with signed diversions in place.

Monday 14 Oct - Friday 18 Oct: The flyover will be reduced to one lane in each direction overnight, between 2200 and 0500.

If the roadworks over-run the then flyover may also be fully closed the following weekend, 2200 Friday 18 Oct to 0600 Monday 21 Oct.

There was no detail about the diversions to be put in place, but one assumes that all Westbound traffic (travelling away from Richmond) will be diverted around Apex Corner roundabout and along Swan Road to rejoin the A316 at the Nallhead Road junction; Eastbound traffic probably coming off at the A314 towards Hanworth, then right onto the A312 and back towards Apex Corner.  Unless the roadworks extend further along the flyover, in which case all bets are off.

That weekend will be an utter joy for anyone living locally or trying to travel through the area.

*I was initially confused as the letter only referred to the "Hope & Anchor Flyover", and there is no map; does anyone still call it that? We've lived here for 14 years (and in the wider area for longer) and I've only ever heard it referred to as Apex Corner. Every day's a school day...

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I thought the same as you in your last paragraph - "Where the hell is the Hope and Anchor Flyover?"  It would have helped if they gave the proper road/roundabout name.  Was there a pub called the Hope and Anchor at one time?

Yes, after some digging I discovered that there used to be a pub on the site of the current McDonald's

I found that out also, but it wasn't called the Apex Roundabout when I first moved here in 1978, for some reason EMI springs to mind, but there again it was a long time ago.

It was known as the DER roundabout because a large building called Apex house which was the headquarters of the television rental company was there (remember when almost everybody rented tv sets because they were too expensive to buy and kept breaking down) it was on the site that Currys / Wickes is on now, even more trivial is the fact that the DER building was filmed for the 1969 movie the Italian job as the Turin traffic department offices, I'll get my anorak!

Don't get your anorak please, thanks Colin for that info I knew it was called something else, but I put the wrong thing ta ever so

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