As most, if not all, of you will be aware the formal consultation exercise is currently underway regarding turning HCC and Whitton School into academies with the proposed sponsor Kunskapskollan.

As part of the consultation process there are numerous presentation evenings being held throughout the borough and beyond to inform parents and other stakeholders (sorry!) about the plans and the Kunskapskollan UK method. I've attended two of these so far (out of personal interest, as vice chair of Governors of a feeder school and as a parent of children who are and will be educated in the borough) and if you have an interest in this issue I would encourage you to do likewise.

The presentations are highly informative and offer those present the chance to put their questions and concerns directly to the head chap of Kunskapskollan UK, Steve Bolingbroke.

There are still plenty of consultation meetings planned and details can be found by following this link

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