Is this forum turning into a free advertising site for anyone who cares to plaster their wares or is it a local forum for people to share their views?


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Have been thinking the same?

Thanks for raising this, Thomas. As I mentioned elsewhere, the site probably needs a bit of a spring clean (or a summer clean!) and we certainly need to think about issues like that. I try to keep moderation to a minimum, but I do watch out for and exclude spammers. I am more sympathetic to local people with businesses and I think that if they are genuinely interested in being part of the community and contributing to the discussions, there is no reason to make a point of deleting anything they write that mentions their local business - after all, people will want to know about some of these local services and may well want to support them!

So for me it is a question of balance and if ever anyone sees anything that they think oversteps the line (of good taste or of politeness or of being within the spirit of the site), I am very happy to get messages flagging up the issue (as indeed I do). One thing I thought it might be worth doing is to have a specific category in the Forum for local services, so there would be one location where people could see everything of that type. This would make it easier to insist that all such content goes in that particular place and so keep it separate from other posts. Of course, there is a risk that it might encourage more posts highlighting local services which could be a good thing but might not be. What do people think?

I understand what you are saying Paul about local business's mentioning themselves in posts and topics, but I don't think that a topic should be specifically opened to promote any business, local or not?


On the forum that I run we have a rule that prohibits any form of advertising without the express permission of the site administrator. I also think that by having a dedicated category for local business's etc would be messy and attract a lot of spammers who scour sites like this.


With the annual cost of running a forum going up each year, I would add a local business forum, split into sub-categories for different types of business, and make an annual charge. I do this on my forum which pays for all the running costs, and anything left over is donated to Marie Curie cancer Care.


Just and idea?

ok i get the message!

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