I have just been watching on the news and about allergies.  I ordered a Chinese takeaway from a very local outlet.  I did it online and I stated 'no garlic please'. This was emailed back to me so I knew it was there. I have used this place before and they have rung me.  This time my dinner turned up wreaking of garlic.  I wasn't sure which dish. I did ring them and ask which one would have had garlic in.  When I said I had put no garlic, because I am allergic I was told that the chef didn't pick it up.  Some people cannot smell, I was lucky.  When I said it should be on my account, I have only just started using them, I was told by the Manager, 'I have apologised haven't I?  What more can I do?'  I told him I could have been extremely ill and that this shouldn't happen, and I could actually have his outlet looked into, he said 'I have apologised'.  Well not good enough I am afraid, should have reported him.  To cap it all, replacement arrived, halfway through eating some of the other stuff, driver just put the new one in my hands which I dropped immediately as it burnt my hand, by the time I got to a cloth to pick it up he had gone.

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