We've just had one of these through our letterbox (despite clear "no junk mail" sign, grr). Looks like a semi-official leaflet and test tube with instructions to fill with tap water and leave outside for collection tomorrow.

To save others the bother, a search shows this to be, if not an actual scam, a pretty underhand sales technique. It seems leaving a sample out will result in a call claiming that our water is "too hard" and recommending (ta-daa) installation of an Aquatec softening system.

Tempted to leave a sample if only for the pleasure of pointing out to the salesperson that I used bottled water. I suspect leaving any other type of sample for them may be deemed a public health issue...

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I had one of those a few weeks ago.  Once I realised it wasn't from Thames Water it sat outside empty.  Wish I had thought of your ideas though lol

I thoght the same as you. If I didn't have to give them so many details I was very tempted to fill it up with Highland Spring and see what they have to say

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