As per last year, there don't appear to be any fireworks displays planned for Hampton or Hampton Hill this year, so herewith a list of displays from surrounding suburbs for all your pyromaniac pyrotechnic needs. Please add any other displays you know of in the comments.

3 November

The Anglers, Teddington 
Gates open 6pm
Free entry, donations to charity
Gates 6pm, Fireworks 7.30pm
Tickets £7/£4, £20 Family, under-5s free

5 November

Gates 5pm, Fireworks 6.30 pm
Tickets £8/£4 in advance, £10/£5 on the night, under-5s free
Gates 6 pm, Fireworks 8 pm
Tickets £7 in advance, £9 on the night, under-5s free
Kingston Rugby Club
Gates 6 pm, Fireworks 7pm
Tickets £5 Adult, £10 Family

11 November

Stanley School, Teddington
Doors 6 pm, Fireworks 7.30 pm
Tickets only in advance £5/£3

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Fireworks in Hampton!

Carlisle Infant School on Saturday 12 November

Gates 5.30 pm, Fireworks at 6.30 pm

Tickets £5.50/£3.50 in advance, £6.50/4 on the night, under-3s free

Also note that Twickenham Prep School Parents' Association is putting on a fireworks display on Friday 11/11 which (as far as I can tell) has not been publicly advertised. I know this has been disconcerting for nearby pets in past years, so forewarned ...


Twickenham Prep have advised that their fireworks will start at 8pm.

Twickenham prep is an absolute joke! They give zero care about people who live in the area, I love fireworks don't get me wrong. Twickenham prep's shake the house, And I don't mean a little! the children scream because they are scared, it's ridiculous!
Re plans for 2017 Twickenham Prep is scheduled for the 10th. I have a meeting with the head tomorrow to discuss.

Thanks Jen - I'll start a new thread for 2017 and collate the displays there. Can you please ask Twickenham if their display will be open to the general public? Far be it from me to suggest they're a little anti-social ...

Haha Matt yes I will add to my list of questions!! If anyone else has views on these particular ones and let me know by tmrw am happy to pass on concerns.

I have recently had a Maple tree cut down and the smaller branches have been cut in to 3 foot-ish lengths and are looking for a home, about half a car boot's full, if anyone would like to collect them for their bonfire

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