I am 9 months pregnant and today just before 2pm, as I walked past Boots on Priory Road, I got a bad nosebleed. As I didn't have any tissue and was covered in blood I tried to get in to buy some (if not to be offered one) and maybe grab a seat until it stopped, and they signalled me to wait as they were on their lunch break! At least two of the staff saw me! 

Am I being unreasonable to expect a pharmacy would help someone with a nosebleed and offer a seat to a 9 months pregnant woman? 

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Have forwarded this to the Boots twitter account, Astrid. Sorry this happened to you. It's not on.
Hi Astrid - Boots have replied via twitter (see pic attached) and have asked if you can contact them with further details. Do you have a twitter account (you could DM them direct)?

I was glad to see it was the Priory Road Boots (not that I agree with what they did) as Station Approach close the pharmacy side for lunch but you can still go in there and drop off prescriptions and make purchases from 'our' side of the counter

Thank you both for your replies and partivcularly Matt D for contacting Boots...

I don't have a twitter account actually. I will try to contact them via their facebook page. 

Thanks again,


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