I don't know if anyone else has noticed this issue or not so thought I would start a discussion as I know some local Councillors read these and so maybe able to help.

Over the past month or so we have noticed that there has often been broken glass in the childrens play park on Hampton Green.  Our nanny tells me that she has had to pick up glass on 4 occasions in the last 2 weeks alone.  Most recently she had to pick up glass  from broken botles which was left on the slide and steps leading up to it. She has spoken with the guys from the council who sweep this up and they advised that they have to tidy up regularly.  The dangers to small children are obvious, notwithstanding that they are drawn to shiny objects.

At night there is no illumination in the park area whatsoever so I assume this is what draws drinkers, most probably underage, who break their bottles when finished.  I wonder if lighting up the park would deter this antisocial behaviour and keep our children from harm.


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Hi Chris

Sorry for the delay in posting a response. I'm afraid that at the moment we're experiencing a certain amount of low level crime in Hampton; this is just another example.

I'll have a word with the Safer Neighbourhood Team and ask if they can keep a closer eye on the green at night. Regarding the possibility of lighting on the green, that could be a possibility but of course it would need to be done in consultation with the people who live directly adjacent to the green.

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