Bus shelter at Pantile Bridge (junction of HH HighStreet/Uxbridge Road)

This is a traditional, probably 30s, maybe post war, LT shelter. It has had the roof shingles replaced a number of years ago. The built-in bench has been replaced by a smaller park bench. Water collects on the shelter's concrete base and is clearly rotting the structural timber.

I worry that this building is being allowed to deteriorate to an extent that it will be removed entirely. That would be a shame as it adds to the local street scene and takes the eye away from the many ugly telecommunications boxes nearby (what a shame they litter the streets!).

A similar shelter was removed in the Kingston Borough:



These historic items are the responsibility of the local authority and not the transport authorities.

This one is now not that close to the bus stop it serves. I assume this R70/285/R68 HK bus stop has moved over time, when the junction was widened and fitted with traffic lights.

Watch out - I hope we don't lose this shelter.

John Orr

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I agree let's hope it stays

Get rid of it before we get another tramp.

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