Seems he has gone?

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If you mean that John, the gentleman living under reduced circumstances, has found a home then yes I understand he has.

Fortunately he was largely shown compassion and understanding by the vast majority of local residents during the time he was living with us.

Thanks for the update Gareth - this is very good news and I wish him all the best. The local community was indeed compassionate and kind.  

Ahhh the resident Hampton PN know full well his name is John but you insist on using "tramp" with the sole reason of causing offense.I live in hope that you too will be gone soon Hammer, and god forbid you find yourself in similar circumstances.

Jog on.

Thanks all - please keep it civil. I think it's good news that John is receiving the help he needs.

Matt - do you consider using the term "tramp" civil?

I wonder, would you tolerate other outdated bigotry terms if it came to race, gender etc?

If it's civility you want I suggest you take your moderator duties more seriously.

No worries Ben. My point was that folks taking lumps out of each other isn't conducive to creating an environment where people feel welcome to air their views. Would I prefer it if Hammer didn't use the site to depersonalise and denigrate a vulnerable human being? Yes, but that's more a question for him and what he wants to get out of HPN.

As to civility generally - I think the quickest way to make people feel unwelcome is to see ad hominem sniping, so I would ask everyone to keep their comments to the topic at hand. 

I get that Matt, I just don't think bigotted views, language & attitude should go unchallenged, hence I called it out.

Take your point on HPN and I'll close on this.

I always found John to be very polite and friendly, and when we chatted clearly had a long connection (physically and emotionally) with Hampton. He never begged or asked for help, but was always grateful when I , or other compassionate members of our community brought him a coffee on a cold day (or whatever) as i saw a number of people doing. I am very glad someone has managed to assist him .

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