Why suddenly are there a lot of cameras outside shops in Station Road and one facing down Avenue Road?  Are they connected to anything to do with the Council? I think not.  It is an invasion to MY privacy.  I don't mind being looked at from an authorised CCTV but I DO OBJECT TO PRIVATE PEOPLE SEEING ME AND RECORDING ME

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Ridiculous. It's security. They are not looking at you - why would they. I bet you would want the footage if you got mugged.

Well there is a thing called the Data Protection Act where you cannot have a private CCTV aimed and recording on public property ie pavements, which two do and the roads.  So before you call anyone ridiculous you should really know the law.  St John's have just had CCTV put in their shop which records inside the shop and as they are following the law they have a sign on the door warning you of this.

As to your point about not looking at me, then why record the pavement down a road that the property is not on?

At a guess they are traffic monitoring cameras, gathering data as part of a future planning application (or existing planning application, such as the Police Station?).

However, we are all caught on camera without permission, home cctv recording driveways and footway adjacent to property, selfies, videos recorded on mobile phones. As long as the images are not put in the public domain then no issue.

No they are not traffic monitoring cameras as they are on private buildings.  I just don't like the idea of one pointing down my road for no reason. It is against the Data Protection Act (as I said before), it must not film in public places ,ie footpaths there is a legal battle going on in Hampton North as one person's CCTV is filming the footpath I am not ridiculous or paranoid, I know that I am being filmed, as I explained to my two grandsons today when on the bus that we were being recorded as they asked why the monitor was showing us.  I believe in the 'official'  ones but not the ones that have just chosen to be put up for no apparent reason and illegally to boot.

Lost the plot where the Police Station was concerned.  The Worlds End has had one for years, probably to do with their licence, but put up to see any trouble outside the pub, that's fine. I think the point has been lost about what I was saying.

Was speaking to a Councillor yesterday, who agreed with me. Illegal

Metropolitan Police Website states:

Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel.

One must read the data protection act rules

It is not illegal under the data protection act for business to have CCTV covering their property or indeed its boundaries, subject to them meeting certain (very lengthy) rules and regulations under the more recent GDPR. There are certain things they cannot record (eg. Public conversations so if you were having a conversation on the street the cctv camera should not be recording that sound) and they do need to clearly state CCTV is in operation, in which areas, and that they process any information in line with GDPR. There are much more detailed guidelines than the above but as far as it goes, if you assume they are acting and have followed the DPA 2018 and GDPR practices ) then there is nothing wrong. You are entitled to ask for any footage pertaining to you. Residential CCTV is not covered under GDPR/DPA UNLESS the private individuals monitoring extends beyond the boundaries of their property.

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