Can anybody suggest a good local estate agent who wont cost the earth?


Thank you



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I am really confused? I only posted it in reply to this discussion. I do not understand the hostility to a fellow resident

Many thanks

Steer clear of Dexters in my opinion. We had an absolute nightmare with them and they simply washed there hands of us and left us to deal with their miss leading's!  So long as they got their money they were happy.

I would recommend Village. Maybe a little dated compared to sleek modern estate agents but a truly local service.

Agreed, go to Village Estates, independent and personal.

Day 4 no response to my email to village estates.

Why not ring them up? Or pop in to their shop? They're right near the station :) I also like Tredinnick and Bower :)

Now had a call from Michael and am registered. 

Snellers are the most efficient and helpful in my opinion.

what % can you get them down to? 1.5% seems an awful lot ...

Hi all. I was the original person who started this and I still get emails updating me on the post. I have since sold my house through Jezzards on the day of launch and I can highly recommend them. The service was magnificent from start to finish and I was only charged half a percent.
If anyone would like to know more feel free to ask

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