The "All Seasons Restaurant & Hotel" at the Cardinal Wolsey is open, but who would know it?  The pub is in darkness and it shades this little gem from the roadway.

For any of you who remember the run down state of the Cardinal Wolsey pub, the transformation that took place last year was fantastic.

The "All Seasons Restaurant at the Cardinal Wolsey" is family friendly and was lifted to number 1 on Trip Advisor and was winner of OpenTable's "Diners' Choice 2014".

Link to TripAdvisor reviews:

The restaurant has been relocated and upgraded from the site of the old pub to a larger and much more comfortable space at the courtyard area behind the old pub. This is further away from the road, much quieter and has plenty of car parking only a few footsteps from the new entrance. Leave your car overnight and collect it the next day if you've had such a good time you can't drive home safely, or stay overnight.

The Restaurant and Hotel at the rear are both open, but even local regular customers don't seem to know that.  I ate there on Sunday and can vouch for the fact that they're offering exactly the same high standard of food and service as before.  They're open right through Christmas and for New Year's Eve too.  They're taking bookings now!

My concern is that "if we don't use it, we'll lose it". It is a great asset to the area and I've used it as overflow accommodation for friends and relatives visiting the area and they've enjoyed staying there.

If you've been there before, go again - if you've always been meaning to visit, visit now.


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Yes, John. I looked at the Trip Advisor reviews and they seem overwhelmingly positive. I think most people (like me) will have assumed that the restaurant is linked to the pub so it is great to know that it is still open. Definitely worth trying (and lets hope it does not have to shut!).

Yeah, there seems to be a bit of a problem.....

Jon - I think the Cardinal Wolsey Pub (where the incident occurred and which is now closed) is entirely separate from the Cardinal Wolsey Hotel and Restaurant (which is still open). The latter will obviously have been hit by the events in the former, but I don't think they have the same owners, managers or personnel. As far as I know, the people running the restaurant are innocent bystanders in all this.

I see, well that must be difficult for all concerned. I understood that the restaurant was  well-received and the regrettable events of that night have clearly been an extremely ill-wind for all involved.

The new license application takes 28 days, so for the time being, it's "Bring your own" wine and they're NOT charging corkage!

Foodies note, there has never been a better time to get an excellent meal, without having to pay restaurant prices for the wine.  Best value for miles.

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