Hello Everybody, I feel I must open a disscusion on the above. I remember when everything was free even The Palace State Apartments.Then Politicians decided we must pay for everything. Reading the letters and comments, it is as if we are all being forced into the parks with our cars to park them. Unless we are disabled, we have a choice, if you do not want to pay go on the bus or walk. Remember it was Michael Heseltine who created the Royal Parks and Palaces Agencies. They were tasked to generate income towards their upkeep. A few years ago we started being charged to enter the Palace Gardens. Richmond and Bushy Parks are doing what they were tasked to do. I am suprised it has taken this long. I am amused by people who are saying they can no longer visit the parks. During the war there were no cars. I don't remember the parks being empty. Regards. Bryan.

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I don't agree with a 'blanket' approach to charging for parking in Bushy & Richmond Park. The Parks should not be only freely available to those lucky (or rich) enough to live within walking distance.

If there really is an issue with folk parking in Bushy Park for free then commuting into London from Hampton Court (really?) then charge for cars parked longer than, say 6 hours.

If the volume of through traffic is an issue, put some form of toll in place for those using the Parks as a cut-through.

Public transport to and from both parks is not sufficient. Dog walkers for example cannot often take their dogs on public transport without inconveniencing others (especially if they have large dogs, or more than one). The elderly or less able are at best dropped near a park gate, with a fair trek to any facilities (cafes, lavatories etc), and would be stuck with seeing the same 200 yards of path on every visit, which would get quite boring I imagine. These people should not have to pay.

I am not surprised with the authorities carrying on regardless with this scheme, given the recent penchant of utterly ignoring public opinion on such things. Of course, what would be ironic would be if the public boycotted the Parks if they started charging for parking, which would mean Royal Parks wouldn't increase their income, and perhaps lose money from the catering facilities etc.!
I thought there would have been more of a response to this one, to be honest. It's all raging over on the RTT comments pages but if ever the adage 'Less is More' needed proving then this is a case in point.

My view, for what it's worth, is that it shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to come up with a parking meter that will issue a free short stay ticket, say 2 hours maximum, and if park users want to make extended use of the parking facilities then they can pop their money in the slot and they get their free 2 hours thrown in and they start paying from the beginning of the third hour - so for example £1.50 for 3 hours parking. Who would argue with that? I wouldn't.

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