The Cheese and Wine company have come to Hampton and have opened this week in the double fronted shop next to the old police station. They sell a range of artisan cheeses, breads and wines (although the license has been delayed until
next wed). One half of the ownership is Steve - who welcomed us in to his shop
and explained the concept- cheeses for taste and sale and wine tastings etc. On
Friday Nights they will become a wine bar it all sounds rather good for our
little village and Steve is a jolly nice chap.

Steve is very proud of his enormous table in his tasting room (you have to pop your head in to see- its a monster). Hopefully this local business will be another friendly addition to the village and please pop in to see what its all

That’s it for now

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sounds interesting and worth a visit!

I have visited the shop twice now and cannot recommend it enough.  The selection of cheeses is fantastic and the staff are very knowledgeable of their fare, which makes shopping there an enjoyable experience.  I am glad to report that everytime I pass there is always someone in buying cheese so hopefully this will be very successfull. I cannot recommend it enough.


I was also shown the table and yes, it is a monster, weighing in at half a tonne!

Such a wonderful new arrival, Steve and Emma really know their stuff. Superb wines, great range of cheeses and beer from the Windsor & Eton Brewery. Looking forward to trying the stoneground organic bread. Brilliant idea to run it as a wine bar on Friday evenings. Some great tastings ahead! Excellent website too -

Added  bonus - right next door to Laura's super new dress agency, Laura E atelier.


Went to the first Wine Bar evening last night, it was great to meet Amanda.

Steve, Debbie, Emma, Kerry and the team really have thought this all through so well. It's a wonderful atmosphere, in really comfortable, relaxed surroundings with a really great selection of wines, cheeses, bread, pickles and some great new posters by a South African artist. For those who remember the cheese counter in Farmers' City Market, this is even better. Great selection, creatively presented and kept to perfection. Good to hear that Steve is now supplying The Bell with cheeses for their menu. As well as the Friday evening wine bar (from 6pm until 9pm), there are cheese platters with wine Monday to Thursday and Saturday lunch times. Lots of themed tastings ahead . . and the bread is really scrummy. Highly recommended and well worth visiting, again and again. 

It is a wonderful addition to the village and I really enjoyed the first 'wine bar evening', as did my friends who were so impressed they want to move here! I look forward to many more hours spent in Hampton cheese and Wine and wish Steve and Debbie every success in their exciting new venture. (And I can thoroughly recommend the chilli biscuits and the apple chutney and the pickled cherries and and and...)
And good to meet you too Richard! As for that wonderful table...this alone is worth a visit!
I can only re-iterate Amanda's words. The knowledge that flows from Steve on his passion for food and wine is second to none. The choice of both cheeses and wines is superlative, and like Amanda I attended  the "wine bar evening" which was great fun with a tremendous atmosphere. We, as residents of Hampton, are very lucky to have this new business on our doorstep. Like all shops in Hampton, please everybody, suport our local shops and businesses before we go shopping in the supermarkets! p.s. There is a distinct danger that if you enter Steve's shop you will want to buy an awful lot of cheese and wine!, and that you will want to go to one of his many planned tasting evenings, all of which appear to be on differing themes.

Hi All,


I see that a board outside announces a special for France v England but booking is essential...very intriguing!

Hi Joanna,

I think this is one of Steve and Emma's regular tasting evenings, Thursday 10th February. Space limited so that  guests get the full benefit of their expertise and sample some great English and French fayre! Richard

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