Has anyone got a name/number of any good chimney sweeps in the Hampton area?

Thanks in advance


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i used A clean Sweep Ltd just before Christmas and they were excellent.


We use Vine Chimney Sweeps in Richmond. Even had them when I was growing up in Kew. They are a family business, reliable and tidy.
Thanks everyone
And if none of that works ... I think Peco can recommend someone in Teddington ..

I use Alexander & Sons from Walton. Telephone number 01932 227143, both sons and dad efficient and clean

Good afternoon,

Took up a previous recommendation for chimney sweep, but he could not sweep it from fireplace.  Told it would have to be swept from roof.  Has anybody had the same restriction – who solved it?



I ended up Using 'A Clean Sweep' and I found them very clean and professional. I've never heard of a chimney sweep working from the top down, sounds very odd??

Thanks Chris.  Previous guy could not get rods up chimney – so thought blockage might only be shifted from above.


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