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That's right! From 4.00 PM on SUNDAY 1ST DECEMBER the Hampton Village Traders' Association will be decking the halls with boughs of holly, rocking around the Christmas Tree and simply having a wonderful Christmas Time.


THE ROADS WILL BE CLOSED! OHHHHH YES THEY WILL! So you and your family can enjoy the whole event in safety. If you have a car in one of the side roads of Station Road and may need to move it on Sunday please try to do so well in advance or you may have a problem.


SWITCHING ON THE LIGHTS! Father Christmas will help lead the countdown at around 4.15pm and will then head into his grotto in the Scout Hut (this year Nick and Jane from The Jolly Coopers/Squiffys have been extraordinarily generous and have helped Father Christmas out by sponsoring the grotto and helping him buy the gifts for the Children)


FUN AND GAMES! This year there will be more shops open on the day, more fun, more entertainment and plenty of enjoyment. Don't forget to look out for the GRAND PRIZE WHEEL on the Green which will feature literally hundreds of prizes donated by members of the HAMPTON VILLAGE TRADERS ASSOCIATION










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fantastic everyone and especially Gareth for his hard work putting it all together

Yes well done to the people that made an effort to bring a little Christmas to Hampton however I must say that there seemed to be far to many that didn't. It's nice to see the local traders setting stalls up outside their shops but do we need dance music pumping out, a few carols over the loud speakers would have helped make it feel like a Christmas fair not just an excuse to try and make a few more 'quid' The school choirs were lovely as always but there was far too much other stuff that felt quite out of place.

Each year this has grown a little bigger but if I'm being honest the Christmas 'feel' has declined.

Just an opinion but maybe next year Christmas could be the main focus.

Thanks Steph, it's really nice to know that all of the effort is appreciated


Before I'm lynched, however, I should stress that this is a real team effort.


Of course each and everyone of the village's traders who open for the event deserve a real pat on the back. For many of them Sunday is their one day off but they never let us down and without their creating an attraction and getting into the spirit of things then there just wouldn't be an event.


And of course there's a core team who do the really hard work and they all deserve special mention and, in alphabetical order of surname, they are


Caroline & Michael Badgery at Village Estates

Steve Parker from The Cheese & Wine Company

Denise Payne from Syzygy

William Redfern from the Hampton Society and William Redfern Graphic Design

Jane Witham from The Jolly Coopers and Squiffy's


And Me!


It is no exaggeration to say that without their hard work, dedication and determination the Christmas Event would be a shadow of the great night we all enjoyed last night. They spend at least six months setting up the event and doing those tasks like ordering the trees, getting the roads closed, designing the banners, rustling up the gifts, setting up the grotto in the scout hut etc, etc and it's pretty much evidence of just how good they are at the event that nearly all of these things happen without anybody really noticing they're happening and then, the next day you wouldn't know an event had happened. Seamless, that's what it is! So if anybody sees them in the street - stop them and shake them by their hand. They deserve every plaudit it is possible to give and more besides.


And while special mentions are being made there are so many more I could mention


Sam Badgery who compered the main stage for us. Perhaps one day when they finally manage to prise the main light switch on microphone out of my cold, lifeless fingers we may have our next MC as he did a smashing job!


And Sam Sparks from Clear Plumbing was an enormous help getting the Prize Wheel (Everybody LOVES the Prize Wheel!) up to the Green and setting up the gazebos


Susan Green from Greenacres was a huge help with getting the grotto set up in the scout hut and sorting out the Elves


And a very big Thank You to Lyn Dormer from Hampton Cellar. Anybody who has so much as breathed within a 100 yard radius of Hampton Cellar in the last week or so will have managed to escape without having been 'encouraged' to buy raffle tickets for the absolutely super hampers she put together and thanks to her efforts she managed to raise over £600!


It is almost certain that I've missed people off this list, there are just so many people to thank so if I have then it's not a snub it's just impossible to remember everybody!


Here's to Christmas 2014 and events between!

Steph B said:

fantastic everyone and especially Gareth for his hard work putting it all together

Thank you too from us .. Could see all the hard work that went in to it. I do agree that one of the shops ruined it with their loud music which did make it feel less Christmassy. Wonder if his business will survive to next year what with ANOTHER barber shop that has opened in Hampton!

It was a lovely event, thanks to all who organised it! My daughter loved seeing Peppa Pig and Elvis.

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