Isn't it wonderful to see the trees lit up above most of the shops, pubs and cafes in Hampton. I say most because there are some noticeable gaps.

The Hampton Christmas celebration (plus the Screen of the Green and the Hanging Baskets) is organised and paid for by the members of Hampton Village Traders Association. We all pay a modest fee each year to keep the association running and organise such events and run a superb website giving details of what's happening around the village including a directory of businesses.

If you see a business without a tree, it's because that business has chosen not to be a member. Of course that's their privilege in a free world.

But for one, I find it rather irksome that the same businesses who have chosen not to be members or contribute towards the running costs of these great events then decide to open during these events (when they wouldn't normally be open).

Maybe it's just me, but to take advantage of the large crowds that are attending when you have actively decided not to contribute, just seems a bit wrong.

If you disagree, then that's fine, but if you do agree with me and see a business not displaying a tree, maybe you want to ask them why they don't join or contribute, but then go on to take advantage - seems like a fair question to me.

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I had already spoken to St. John's and they had paid for their tree and didn't get one, not sure about the others though, but agree the section without one looks very sad.

Go on Steve, name and shame!

Agreed as TMS has taken over the bottom of the road, and one horse box in the way before the road was closed and a gazebo taking up one half of the road since early morning.

Name and shame? ....because they didn't want to join the gang? You don't need to name anybody as by not having a tree it's obvious who's in and who's not in, where exactly is the shame in not wanting to join with SOME of the other traders?

Murdoch said:

Go on Steve, name and shame!

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