Controlled Parking Zones Permits and Parking Charges in Richmond

If anyone is in any doubt about the merits of CPZ's in and around Hampton, and the decision probably already made regarding their 'INTRODUCTION' here, take a look at the new increased charges for Residents Permits and the cash cow car parks this grubby, sticky fingered, little Council is going to take and then (I hope I'm wrong) decide if the CPZ introduction isn't a foregone conclusion. (Charges published R&TT pages 36 - 37 this week)

I suspect, true to form, the Consultation will be another one ignored as is the LibDem way by finding some wriggle room or interpolation of the results or that we just 'didn't understand'.

Sadly you don't get what you vote for!

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I agree with you Ian, it seems that even though the public vote for something, the council make up their own mind, after voting to keep the speed limit in Richmond upon Thames at 30mph we were then told that the 'vote' was just a consultation and that they had already made their mind up to lower the limit to 20mph, not very democratic, and it seems to have made the roads more dangerous with most drivers still going 30mph until they almost drive into the back of a law abiding car driver who is trying to keep to the limit (in just second gear in my case) but they seem to have got what they wanted when you see the speed check camera in Thames Street flashing up the road like a Christmas tree every ten seconds, it won't be long before they install more cameras in places like Uxbridge Road and Broad Lane, who knows, we might get a reduction in our council tax if the money keeps rolling in.

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