I haven't had my Council Tax bill in yet, but have worked it out to £84+ per year more. Friend in Hillingdon doesn't pay for Adult Social Care and they have not had a raise in 10 years, except of course to the GLA (who thought that up after the GLC). Another friend called (who lives in this borough ie Richmond) and said why is she paying more for hers than the people living beneath (in Maisonette). Band were drawn when they were a 2 bed and she was a 3 bed, they have extended and are much larger than her now, it's not right, when asking for planning permission all properties should be re-assessed, this is where the old Rates system fell down. When I was young and my dad made any alteration to our house (improvements like CH) up went the rates. Not now. Seems sense to me that people that extend their sq ft, therefore could sell for a lot more than the house next door with no actual increase, should have their Council Tax increased, as it was done on the actual value of the house, but never followed up.  Moan of the day

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In terms of your friend paying more council tax than the now bigger flat below, they can appeal their bands if they believe they are now incorrect - https://www.gov.uk/challenge-council-tax-band

Maybe worth a mention to them. Even though skeptical me would believe it's less likely to reduce your friend's, and more likely (if achieving anything at all) to increase the neighbours'.

Thank you James but that is what we thought and that wouldn't go down well with the neighbours, and as I said originally it is a shame the Council do not do this automatically when people have work done

I am not sure how much scope the council have to do this. What is really shocking (although perhaps not surprising) is central government's reluctance to modernise council tax which was a rather hasty compromise at the time. Even if one thinks it is a good tax system, it is surely shocking that the valuations have not been updated since 1991!

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