Teddington are having a consultation about CPZ, the one thing they have which Hampton doesn't have are car parks.  WE desperately need one, as I have said in another thread, half the people in Avenue Road tonight are from the new builds in Station Road, leaving less room for the people that actually live in this road.  New builds need more parking spaces and/or a car park.  People in the flats above Hampton Bathrooms (plus their employees) park in our road, they have a very large car park, why can't they park there? CPZ won't work here and it will kill off the shops.  It also means people that live in Teddington can't come here, we could go there if there is a car park near enough.  Cedar Road car park in Teddington has had parking spaces cut a lot for electric cars and topping up.  How many people have those at the moment? Surely it doesn't warrant taking away spaces for shoppers.  Please Richmond Council stop allowing buildings without adequate parking and think on where the Police Station is concerned.

Rant of today over, except to say I don't take my car out at night for fear of not getting anywhere near my home (I don't mean outside) but at 72ish I don't feel safe walking a great distance from my home.  I could go for a blue badge and a disabled space, but I really don't wish to do that

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Where exactly would a car park be situated in Hampton?

Many a time over the years there have been places for the Council to buy some land before building works started.  At the moment, they could put in a bid for part of the police station and the post office

I don't think that would work as the Police Station has already been sold, hook, line and sinker.

The Old Sorting Office would be an horrendous idea as it is on a residential street leading to the library. The library carpark already attracts idiotic young drivers who park up , play loud mind-numbing 'music' and smoke pot. The police have been informed on numerous occasions by several of the nearby residents but nothing gets done. 

I fear an additional car park area there would attract the same. What about the football clubs parking area? Could that not be used when a match isn't on? And that's nearer to you isn't it Janice? And nearer the shops.

Yes the football club is nearer the shops and of course me, but as they let is out to the business park that's a no no.  I am not being negative here at all, but we do need a car park, if CPZ comes in then the people visiting the shops will have nowhere to park. I was using them as an example, having lived here for 20 years and seen it go down where car parking is concerned I really think we need a car park.  I am talking for a lot of people not just for myself. As said it was an example, had the council wished they could have bought some of the police station, even I am aware that it has been sold. All car parks in Teddington are off residential streets, can't be helped in an area that most of the houses were built before cars.  Something has to be done, can you suggest anything?

Not top trumping Janice but I have lived in Hampton since 1986, 34 years and a lot certainly has changed in that time. Maybe a car sized width slice of the green could be used? My neighbours and I certainly wouldn’t relish the idea of a car park in Rose Hill. But there’s no point getting worked up about something that’s not going to happen is there?

No there isn't, it what we need, not we we can achieve.  I use to live in Teddington before moving here, but if everyone said no to a car park because it was near to them then there wouldn't be any anywhere 

It’s not a NIMBY response!!!  Like I said before Janice we already have a problem with louts with cars using the library car park as a sad hangout. The constant smell of weed and bad behaviour is appalling in the good weather and the police are worse than useless. That’s what we have to put up with; we don’t want that exacerbated. 

Heavens, I didn't say you were nimby, and it was a mere example, as many people in Hampton agree with me

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