Good old Denmead school set traps, similar to the one above, all around the perimeter of their Gloucester Road site prior to going off on two weeks half term. Seemingly the objective was to catch foxes and, presumably, let them starve to death. Sadly our cat and others were tempted in by the bait and ours was trapped overnight before we could get it released. We were advised by Hampton School that the traps were being regularly checked however I doubt this as we know full well that Denmead / Hampton school and the truth are comparative strangers. The traps have now (apparently) been removed and I can't help but think about the fate of any fox that may have been captured. I doubt  council approval to place traps was sought. A further demonstration of arrogant thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour by our "neighbour" 

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Absolutely disgusted. So pleased you saw them. How many poor cats and foxes could have been harmed. So distressing. What gives them the right to do this? What next. Don't want to think about that.

What did they intend to do with the foxes when they caught them?  Release them into the countryside? If that is the case, they are very naive indeed.  City foxes can`t survive in the countryside because they have never learned to hunt - they are scavengers.  So they would either starve in the countryside or starve in the traps. 

I found my cat trapped in a cage adjacent to my garden boundary at 1 pm last Thursday. I released her and it took 2 days before she settled down again as she is a timid rescue cat. I informed the Denmead Neighbours Association about the incident  but did not contact the school as I assumed that there would not be any staff in the office.

However, on Friday I was informed that the Bursar was available and had a long conversation with her. She said that the school had been assured that cats were too light to trigger the release plate in the traps and as a result they did not consider informing residents. We are affected by the same foxes they are trying to capture but if they had taken the time to read any of the reputable fox information websites they would have seen that removing foxes only opens up territory for other foxes to fill. Urban foxes are here to stay.

Another example of Denmead forgetting that they are surrounded by neighbours and do exist in an isolated bubble.

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