Alderson's garage have put in a planning application to develop the garage site and Peco into retail space, 4 - 1 bedroom flats and 4 - 2 bedroom flats.  There will be NO parking provision.  In fact they are taking away the 5 parking spaces the garage presently has.  There is already a huge problem with parking in this area, both in Station Road and OIdfield Road.  The area cannot sustain a development of this size without adequate parking.  In the last few months we have had parking seriously reduced by the local authority, in a lot of instances without good cause.  We also already have an empty retail space next to this proposed development as well as others in Hampton.

Whilst, in principle,  we have no objections to a development we do have very strong objections to a development that does not consider nor address the additional burden that will be forced on an already saturated area.  

The Application Number is 13/0822/OUT   

There is also a second application for the site for 2 houses in Oldfield Road on the Peco yard site again without any parking provision!

Application Number:  13/0821/OUT

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Well spotted! I also noticed the nod towards environmentalism by providing 12 cycle spaces instead of 5 car spaces.  The same nonsense was tried on the Nurserylands where an architect tried, but failed, to get planning permission for a flat extension by proposing to convert a garage into a cycle shed and bin area and putting solar panels on the wall - fortunately, both the Council and the inspector saw through that one, but the "rules" have become rather diluted recently, so they might be less inclined to worry about such details.  Much as I applaud those who prefer cycling to car use, simply removing parking facilities is unlikely to dissuade those who genuinely need a car - they will, as you infer, simply find somewhere else to park (though it does reduce the desirability of the flats).  I'm not sure there is an easy answer to this - I favour the provision of more affordable housing - but there does seem to be a need for more realism on the part of the developers.

My concern is 'Peco's' emporium. They have given years and years of service to Hampton and half of London. Nicky, and previously her father, when they had their shop near the Police Station have specialised  in a niche market of second hand doors, stained glass and fireplaces old and new. They have been invaluable in the past and the kind of shop, once gone, will never be repeated. Are they relocating and if so, where to? I must give them a ring or pop in!

I'm a little confused, looking at the drawings this development is on the back of the Peco site, does this mean that Peco and the garage will remain?? While I'm here is there any word with what might be happening to the empty unit next door to Plenty?

Jane have you contacted your local councillors?

You will probably get more joy speaking to them than you would contacting the Planning Department. 

I imagine it would be a vote winner if they could help residents of Oldfield Road, Beards Hill and Rose Hill (not to mention the existing residents and business's of Station Road).

Here are their e-mail address's:- (lib dem) (lib dem) (lib dem)

Also would be worth contacting these Councillors:- - Strategic Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, Parks and Highways (conservative) - Opposition Spokesperson for Environment and Planning (lib dem)

I would urge anyone who has concerns regarding the number of flats being granted planning permission to contact the local councillors. Its probably the only chance you/we have of reversing the current trend.

Good luck


Murdoch - any comments or suggestions should be put on the Council's Planning website, see reference numbers above, by 1st August.  This is the best way of letting the Planning department know our feelings.  I agree with you about contacting our 3 councillors and this should also be done.

Chris - the garage and Peco's shop IS the development of the flats and retail units, whilst Peco's yard in Oldfield Road will be 2 semi-detached houses.  Hence the 2 planning Applications.


That would be the best way of letting the planning department know, but is it the best way of getting the outcome you want?

The planning department will not reject a planning application because objections have been received on the grounds of parking (or lack of). For example, the proposed development on the corner of Station Road/Oldfield Road proposed eight parking bays, which wasn't/isn't enough for that development. However, eight is the maximum number of bays that development could have (based on the Planning Departments guidelines, or Unitary Development Plan (UDP)). Hence why complaining to the Planning Department is likely to fall on deaf ears.

Saying that, I would recommend writing/e-mailing the Planning Department AND contacting Councillors. After all,  it will be the Councillors who either vote in favour of an application, or against. Might be worth getting some support from them before the application goes before the Councillors at the sub-committee meeting.

Thats my take on it (I used to deal with planning cases for a London Council, now I work for a private consultancy.)

Again good luck, but try and get support from those who can effect the decision!

There's an interesting historical angle to the site. In the 1890s, Alfred Healey developed the whole site (waht is now Pecos and Alderson's Garage) and constructed stables and two houses fronting on to Oldfield Road.

Alfred Healey set up one of Hampton's leading coal merchants and also undertook  general deliveries and furniture removals. The original 'HEALEY's' name can still be seen painted onto the brickwork in the gable.

Local historian John Sheaf took this photo from the station footbridge earlier this morning.

Alfred's daughter still lives in Oldfield Road.

John and I are working on a Souvenir Programme for the events to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Hampton station in September 2014. There will be lots more about Hampton Station's Coal Merchants.

How things looked in 1934 - an extract from the OS map (courtesy of John Sheaf)

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