Hampton has for the past month returned to somewhere like it used to be, quiet, so much less traffic, no lazy commuters who can’t be bothered to walk to the station, able to park your car, no angry foul mouthed motorists selfishly driving on the wrong side of the road, too impatient or ‘important’ to wait for the level crossing gates to go up, no drivers racing around, frustrated, because they can’t park and they might miss their train.

Generally Hampton has been a much better place, and it could be like this all the time if the train company extended Zone 6 out to Shepperton.

Thank you South Western even if the respite is short lived, can’t wait for you go on strike again.

...and presumably commuters did find an alternative?

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I am guessing you were not trying to use the trains on a regular basis during the strike?

Yes, I along with many other found an alternative and added 2 hours a day to my commute, not to mention the extra cost of using buses as well as trains 

But thanks for your concern, Happy New Year!

Well I must admit during the strike I found Hampton no different, Linden Road and Percy Road weren't empty as one would have expected.  As Simon said maybe you don't use the trains.  I was inconvenienced as I had to make a different journey to the hospital.  Over Christmas was interesting to.  Avenue Road, was full of cars until Friday/Saturday, so no commuters here, which people think there are, it's the houses with the two cars plus that didn't move that was the problem, once they started to move after Christmas there was quite a difference. Not tonight, after football had finished, full to the brim, no trains so that can't be commuters.  Some people are back to work tomorrow, so had to get home. I wish people would stop going on about it being commuters.

It would appear that the trains are running normally today, well that's what the times on 'life departures' indicate

Can't say I noticed any difference as well to parking/traffic levels i'm down around station road.

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