Do you pay more for building and contents insurance in Hampton due to flood risk?

My sister and I are thinking of moving to The Ormonds area of Hampton.  However, our brother has put doubt in our mind as he says that it is close to the River Thames and likely to have been flooded/or be at risk of flooding in the future from climate change/extreme weathers as its above Teddington Lock and out of the affect of the Thames Barrier.  He suggests one way of checking is to ask local people and see whether locals pay an increased rate of building/contents insurance due to flooding risk.  Can as many of you as possible advise us on what your understanding of flood risk/insurance is?  We have already checked out the Environment Agency website and see from that that 'officially' it is out of a flooding zone.  Advice appreciated!  Thanks  Emma

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I'm sure I'm slightly biased, but try Cheers insurance Brokers in Hampton Hill High Street for impartial free and professional advice..

Call them on 020 8943 5333.

We don't pay any extra because of risk of flooding and I don't think there are any real risks for most people who live in Hampton.

I always assumed we're on a hill, whilst our neighbours on the other side of the river (Molesey) aren't, water will always find the easiest option!

Really? The Ormonds? Well I would have thought you'd be fairly safe.

The river is relatively low lieing in comparison with the rest of Hampton. Then there's the distance factor - in order to reach the Ormonds the river would need to rise enough to cover the distance between the river boundary, then all the way up the bank past Bell Hill and the Hampton Hard, across the A308, all the way up High Street past the Jolly Coopers and Twickenham Prep before it starts lapping up against the junction with Ormond Avenue.

When we had the major flooding last year the river was incredibly high and didn't come close to touching the A308 at Bell Hill - yes it was horrid for houses further downstream at Taggs Island and the A308 approaching Hampton Court Bridge but The Ormonds were unaffected.

We recently moved to Hampton, to a house between the Ormonds and the river. We checked the flood map as part of the survey.

Note that when the river breaches around that corner of the river, it breaches to the south across Moseley (exacerbated by the River Mole and the River Ember that flow through that suburb). There is a flood plain to the west between Hampton and Sunbury (at Kenton Court Meadow / Kempton Park Racecourse), and parts of Hampton Court Park and Bushy Park also take water.

If you want to take comfort (and on preview, what Gareth said), go down to St Mary's Church or the Bell Pub on Thames Street and look out across the Hampton Ferry to Moseley. Note how far below you is the river, and Moseley on the other side. Then walk back up the hill past Jolly Coopers to your house. 

You will however want to also check the map for surface water movement (e.g. after heavy rain). That shows some flow through the Ormonds, and you'll want your survey to pick up that risk.

I don't recall either of these points coming up on our insurance quote.


We live on Garricks Ait, opposite The Bell, we moved to the island about 12 months ago after the worst flooding for many years

We had no issues with insurance. 

The water when the flooding was highest at Hampton Hard, where the ferry is, came up a little higher than this in the pics, somewhere near the 2 posts bottom left but no where near flooding Hampton Court Road

If i remember there was a Mercedes parked next to the silver car and the water was just above the front wheel.

So i agree with the other comments, not really a worry, indeed if you flood then i would say we are all in trouble!

Invite all to review the maps related to the ongoing LBRUT flood risk strategy consultation via this link

Emma you should be okay from river flooding.

All those close and on the river might be interested in replying as there are no responses from our stretch in particular from Ash, Taggs, Garricks, Hampton Court Road, Lower Sunbury Road.


We were taken of the flood risk in this area years ago, when I moved here 15 years ago it was in place (never did understand why as we are uphill) and then all residents got a letter saying that we are not a flood risk factor and insurance is the same as it would be anyway

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