It's been hanging out quite often at my neighbours in hampton village for a month or so, but seems to have lost a lot of weight in the last week, so we're concerned he has got lost from home. 

Please let me know if you recognise 


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I've done a quick search and this might be a match? I would ask them to send a photo for clarification ..Or maybe ask the 5 local vets? Would you like me to share your post?
Hi fluff.
I've tried to create an account on the pet register one and ask for a photo but it won't let me do anything ..are you able to share?
Don't think the dog lost post is the one..a bit far I'd imagine?
I've sent a message to the pet register one asking for a photo.
With the doglost post It is common for cats to be displaced via delivery vans ect .. So if you think the cat looks similar it could be possible.

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