Recently, announcements have appeared by DHP gates regarding the enforcement of no cycling and dogs on leads.  Can anyone shed any light why this has happened?  

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UPDATE: have learned in the last 48 hours that police will begin issuing fines for 'transgressions' in Dukes Head Paasage. This includes, dogs off leads and bike riding - perhaps dog fouling will be a bonus fine. What is so disappointing is the complete lack of support from our local councillors protecting users of the park and residents against this heavy handed harassment. Every single one of them has been absent (or partially absent) regarding this issue. The nonsense of the referendum has completely distracted them from the actual business of supporting local people that they meant to help and represent
Hey. How did you hear this. What is the fine? The royal parks own bylaws only have three immediate fine circumstances on their own website (littering. Dog fouling and cycling where not allowed...note no dogs off lead fines stated)..

Apparently loyd Grossman (of pasta sauce /thru keyhole fame) is now president of bushy and Richmond park..perhaps we go straight to him..he seems a sensible chap (ha ha)

Apparently loyd Grossman (of the pac
Hi Jen. Apparently the police were in the Alley a couple of days ago and were giving people warnings that this was the next stage - so, gentle warnings are now over , fines will start being issued.
Ok, so I've had a look on the Royal parks website - links below. My interpretation is that they have powers over not picking up dog poo (deer, rabbit and horse poo permitted), no cycle areas and litter. If you fail to comply with this it looks like £60 fine (which is almost the same in Euros now). I can't see anything related to dog offlead but it does say dogs should be under control.... and that's quite right, you should control your dog.

Looks like they have no jurisdiction over dog off lead unless it is not under control.

Dog walkers of Hampton, keep calm, use another entrance for 1 month until the Chief Constable of the Met gets told by the new Mayor to catch the horse Rangers or wild deer for not clearing up their poo and stops sending police in riot gear (maybe the will deploy "under control"police dogs too although I laugh at the site of riot officers with poo bags) to DHP and then we will rise again !!!!!! The alternative could be they do something useful....or is that a radical request for the petty minded pedants who can only control things by laws ?
^giggles Anthony! Made me chuckle..

Same interpretation I had from reading their website..!
Hello, my husband and I are new to Hampton and were startled to see the signs go up just a week after we moved here. We in fact live in very close proximity to The Dukes Head Passage so use the path several times a day, predominantly to walk our dog. Ironically the previous owner of our home was forced by the council to build a bike store in the garden when developing our home to "encourage bike use in the local area" - ironic one might say! We walk our dog on the lead through DHP because it's a whole lot safer - when she roams freely she's likely to get in a cyclist, pedestrian or runners way, she can roam as she likes one else we are in the park. I've never once found it a nuisance to keep her on the lead.
Having been used to the Lycra clad nightmares in Richhmond park who disobey the 5mph as ritual the DHP is in stark contrast, the majority of cyclists are courteous and mindful. I would say however the 'poo situ' I have seen happen when people are running or cycling with dogs off lead and are paying no notice to their dogs activities behind them.
Hopefully a more harmonious balance between all users will be struck as time goes by. Hampton is by far the friendliest place I've lived and it's would be a huge shame for DHP to become anything other than the peaceful place it should be.

In line with Vanessa's comment here is a really good example of how peaceful a place DHP can be.

Many thanks to the HPN member that sent me this photo - I hope he does not mind my sharing it!

There's now a petition lodged: "Overturn Royal Parks' Cycling Ban: Bushy Park, Duke’s Head Passage".

Found at:

Interesting point on the FOI query: "The overwhelming majority of correspondence sent to Royal Parks about the ban is from local people strongly opposing it. In contrast, just a handful of people (we counted 5!) are in favour."
The FOI pack doesn't contain at least two other pieces of correspondence to I doubt this is even representative of the amount of correspondence. I note with dismay there is no mention in the petition re the dogs . Interesting that one person wrote saying how happy everyone is since the experience is totally the opposite having had abuse from cyclists that my dogs lead was in the way of them riding their bikes ..

Please read and sign the petition just launched to reinstate the Dukes head passage ‘shared path’ into Bushy Park - it worked well for 50 years.

Press release from Royal Parks:

"Following [recommendations of an independent report], the route will be re-opened by the end of this week (w/c 17 July) to cyclists with signage advising that it is a pedestrian priority area, and where possible bushes and shrubs will be pruned and verges mown to improve visibility."

Excellent news Matt !

Thank you to everyone who stood up to the Royal Parks  and worked to get the cycling ban rescinded.

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