Our petition now is flying past 300 supporters since launch only last week! 

Many have commented about the safety risks now posed to cyclists, especially school children, who are seen diverting around the park on the busy A308 which has no cycle paths! 

Please read and sign the change.org petition to reinstate the Dukes head passage ‘shared path’ into Bushy Park - it worked well for 50 years. 


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It is a legal requirement of dog ownership that dogs are given a suitable chance to exercise off lead every day. So let's not go down this route please or all the responsible dog owners will then be in breach of the law. 

David Green said:

R&T Times - 'Dogs are one of the leading causes of deer casualties in Richmond Park and Bushy Park, both by fatally injuring them and by giving chase and forcing deer into the path of oncoming cars.'. Using the same principle as they have with a small minority of aberrant cyclists, the Park Authorities should oblige all dog owners using Bushy and Richmond Parks to keep their dogs on leads.

Agree Jen, using that logic Ive also seen a lot of anti-social behaviour in the parks (no dogs and bikes involved), so why don't we just close the parks and build houses on the land.  When did we start becoming so intolerant?

That's a smashing idea Deb. I mean I found two full dirty nappies in dukes head once.. therefore definitely should not allow any babies in the park either

lol - so many things to be angry about!  Stop the madness :-) 

Hahaha indeed...!! Keep smiling.

Got the following update on the Dukes Head Passage petition from Change.org. Sounds very promising and Royal Parks should be commended for trying for a solution. Anyone closer to this with further info?


Feb 15, 2017 — With your great support the campaign has now surpassed 1,500 signatures. There has been overwhelming support from many local community leaders, community groups and widespread coverage in the local media.

In late January 2017, our petition representatives met with Colin Buttery and Ray Brodie, from the Royal Parks (TRP) management, to present the petition at the 1,500 supporter milestone, and to discuss the way forward.

The meeting was constructive and provided a good opportunity to discuss all positions and views.

In short, TRP management outlined plans to review the path condition with a view to assessing and implementing any changes required for the path to be re-instated as a ‘shared path’ - accessible to all users. The work is already in progress and will hopefully be completed over the next few months.

We will keep you informed of progress.

The Save Our Shared Path (SOS-P) Campaign Team

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