I have heard from other people that the post office is closing early, and more importantly so is Boots the Chemist.  Could the firms respond.  I think if they are closing early they should have let the community know.  Apparently Boots are closing at 4pm, that's ok if you are able to go over the bridge to find out and read the message on the door, but as I am not allowed out that's impossible.

I have ordered my monthly meds, if I can find someone to go for me to collect them (have asked that they be delivered) I really need to know the time they close. Word of mouth really isn't sufficient. We all know that everyone is under a lot of pressure, but we really do need to know when local shops and pharmacies are closing early, especially the chemist as my drugs keep me alive.

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Boots in Priory Road are open 10-4, but I'm pretty sure Boots in Station Approach are still open until 5:30 - I dropped off my Dad's prescription there just as they were locking up at 5:30 on Monday.  These are the times given on Boots website for these branches, too...

Janice - the number for Boots Station Approach is 020 8979 5559.

Thanks Matt, I do have their number but they always leave it on fax so you cannot get through.  It was just that I was told they were closing at 4pm

Everyone is doing their best to serve the community whilst also protecting their staff. Complaining about them not letting individuals know (when post office closures were publicised on the BBC for instance) isnt too helpful.
Thee is a fantastic community support network which you should have bad a leaflet about early on in lockdown. I can give you the number.
There is an army of locals spending their days queuing in boots and picking up shopping for people .

Heavens there was no need for that.  I was merely saying those that are shutting early to let the community know.  I was not complaining at all that they are shutting early merely that, as I have been in total lockdown for over 3 weeks, ie I cannot go out my door, i didn't know what was open and  when.  I wish people would stop attacking me for no reason whatsoever.  I did not see the BBC announcement, all I was suggesting is that they could have posted on here. I don't know you Jen but you seem to have something against me, maybe in these times one should be a little more tolerant.  As I have said as I can't step outside my door (maybe you can) I would not know

There was no attack .
Reread what I said. Which was complaining about them not letting you know. I didnt say complaining about shutting early.
Indeed I was only helpful in suggesting that I could, if you havent seen the leaflets already, provide you with a number to call for the community group who are helping all self isolating people in hampton with collecting meds and doing essential shopping for them.

I agree with you Janice, that was uncalled for. Communication is King. Surely it is not too difficult to have-accurate time of opening and closing on the web. My wife walked to the Chemist, only to find they had reduced their opening times. No big deal, but an unnecessary journey.

I have pointed out in both my original reply and the follow up there are groups you can contact to assist. .
If that is uncalled for then I am truly sorry
I think that there does need to be recognition that these companies are doing their best to ever changing situations. If one of the boots staff goes off sick that automatically changes their ability to operate full hours. Head office who would be the ones changing website times may also be operating on Skelton staff and in turn not aware of last minute changes. Any long term changes may therefore take tome to catch up.
Again, if you are self isolating and need something posting or meds picking up, there is a number you can contact. The volunteers are going out every day doing exactly these jobs to stop the isolating having to risk themselves. They are well plugged in to changing times and when it is less busy than other times and mostly able to get these jobs done the same day.

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