The Car Club (car rental company) I joined, returned my membership fee because I complained that no car was available at the Tudor Road bay for months.  I found out that it was not because it was popular, but because there was no car allocated to the bay because it wasn't being used.  I have my own theory why that was the case.


We must fix the parking in Hampton, even if it's one bay at a time.


Who agrees the Council should remove the bay and give the bay back to residents?


John Soones

Ormond Crescent


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I did wonder what was happening with The Car Club.  There is an empty bay in Nightingale Road, too.

The Car Clubs, a fancy term for car rental companies, work well in areas where ther is a rich public transport infrastructure that means we can do without cars for a majority of the time.  Hampton isn't one of those areas so as I've been saying for sometime, the car clubs won't have sufficient bookings to justify leaving a car in the bays.  The bays ar denied to local residents, which I think is wrong.


In central Richmond or Twickenham, where the buses are the cause of the congestion, the clubs can work, but not here.  Let's have all the parking bays back.




I passed the Tudor Road space today, and it still has no car in it, nor has it been removed.  One of my friends died a couple of weeks ago and, when his wife went to register his death, the registrar immediately asked for his disabled badge back.  His wife said she was happy to give it back so long as they removed the disabled bay in front of her house, otherwise she would have no place to park, parking being at a premium around Hounslow Station where she lives.  By the time of the funeral a week later, the bay had been removed!  Perhaps Richmond could act as expediciously as Hounslow (though, hopefully, with more tact!).
Is any member of Hampton online a member of either of the car clubs?


The car club bays in Tudor Road, Station Road and Dean Road, Hampton, along with many others in the borough, are to be withdrawn.

We have continue to look at other ways of increase the number of parking spaces for residents and people shopping in Hampton.


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