I have just read Thrones, Dominations by Dorothy Sayers, completed by Jill Paten West.Quite a lot of the story was set in Hampton, although the geography may be a bit iffy !!

I have always tried to read fiction related to my location, easier when on holiday, but this is my first Hampton read.

Does anyone else know of novels or short stories set in Hampton ?

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3 men in a boat pass though as does bogie down the river.

Charles Dickens was in the area when penning some of his books, and so on.

Bill Sykes and Oliver Twist staying in the White hart on the way to Chertsey for the house break in.
Hampton also featured in Our mutual friend. Nicholas Nickelby the racing was at Hurst races across the river
War of the worlds - the battles with the aliens progressed from Woking through the Hampton area with canon set up on top of richmond hill

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