I have seen recently that the fountain in Hampton Square has 'bubbles' in it, according to some residents it was done by party goers at the pub by them emptying 18 bottles of Radox in to the fountain, while this may look fun for the adults surely this has made it unsafe for the children who could react to the Radox. there are also concerns  about it getting in to young childrens eyes or mouth and being ingested. I know I have a grown up son who is allergic to lanolin  and he would have severe reactions to different soaps/ bubbles etc. so I know how suddenly an allergic reaction can occur, other parents are worried that the fountain may now be slippery underfoot. Can the council reassure us that firstly they know about this and secondly what they plan to do about this or not as the case may be. It is such a shame that a few people are not respecting the wonderful new space that has been created in Hampton Square and ruining it for the majority, a couple of the young newly planted trees have also been snapped. Sorry photo is not that good, cropped it to take out the children in photo to protect their identities.

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I did notice the bubbles and wondered if that was why the fountains weren't working. However this seems to be a technical issue to do with the controls which I am told is to be mended tomorrow. It is a shame about the trees. Suzette

I do hope this silly act by these party goers have not broken the fountains.

It is a lovely feature for the square and a shame that a small minority could have spolit it for the rest of the community.

I hope to see them working again very soon.

Can the police office there not have a community officer on duty in that area?




Sadly the pump broke. It also took a huge dose of the anti bubble chemicals to sort it out. So. Yes. They did ruin it. The repair guys have been around several times this week. Hopefully back on soon.
I just hope we don't lose the good things because some waste of space is determined to destroy it all.

O no, I knew it.

That was two weeks ago these idiots done that.

I really do hope they are fixed soon.

Maybe a sign on the inside wall of the beer garden saying that anyone found putting or adding anything to the fountain water will be prosecuted for vandalism!

I think we might need to be careful about suggesting the only vandals would come from the pub. I'm often in favour of positive messaging, so perhaps any signage might encourage people to care for it and not rile them with a telling off. Something like  "Enjoy the water and help us keep it clean and pure!" That said... if I get my mitts on the person who did it ...or the man who swung on the trees and broke them..

Sorry if it came across that I meant just the pub customers, didn't mean that at all, there also needs to be signs out side of there too, maybe you are right about a positive  sign that doesn't rile them with a telling off but something that gets the message across that we are proud of the way the square looks now and we want it to stay that way for everyone to enjoy. 

The fountains are working again!  The children were back playing in them yesterday.


..and it's lovely to see them up and running again knowing that the water is safe for all, thank you to all who were involved with the fixing of the fountains.

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