I'm curious as to what the latest is regarding the residents of Garrick House.  It's a couple of years since it burned down and it still doesn't seem to be ready for them to go back in.  What happened?  It shouldn't have taken so long surely.  It must be truly dreadful to still be homeless after such a long wait tucked up on someone's sofa for 2.5-3 (?) years.  Cock-up or conspiracy, a runaway builder..?  And it looks a bit tatty whilst it's unrefurbished state, bit of an eye-sore.  Hardly an advert for the borough.

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I changed the locks to one of the apartments on the day of the fire for a couple of residents who had just completely refurbished! I spoke to them after and they were staying with friends, and told me their apartment was water damaged and a complete write off.

I believe the fire was started by a a tar heater being left on by the builders on the roof. It's a shame as the refurbishment went from the ground floor up with the work on the roof being menial, so all that work lost!

I can't imagine they got the same builders in after the fire?

Not sure of the repair status, Linda, but I did spot some chaps in hi-vis and hard hats taking an interest on Tuesday.

Linda Kemp said:

Thanks for your reply.  It looks derelict and an eyesore, visitors to the area will drive past or visit Garrick Temple and think blimey, Garrick House under that lot?  I did hear that the damage was done by some Swedish builder, found guilty then skipped the country as the bill was huge, he was under-insured etc, so presumably the repair work is in limbo, such a shame.  Not sure how much of those details are heresay or accurate.  If anyone actually knows the status of the repair project and how any local help could assist would be interested to know.

Hi Linda,

My understanding is that it will be a least another year.  It's very complex and probably not something that can be discussed on the forum.  There are a number of very unhappy parties involved.


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