I wouldn't call myself a hard core celeb spotter but is there anyone else who thinks they have seen George Clooney around the  Bushy Park/ River road area walking a dog?

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well, he seems to be currently filming in Shepperton, so it might just be possible ... Either that or you saw me and need to go to Specsavers as quickly as possible :-)
Out of interest - the dog. Was it a brown or black lab?
I should add, this isn't just me being nosey. The answer may well reveal the solution to the mystery

Ha! maybe I d need to get my eyes checked.

The dog was a mottled dark grey Pitball kind of dog. Does that mean it wasn't him I saw? (if it was a black lab I'd prob give more attention to the dog than him!) I believe he is staying somewhere in Esher and has been frequenting the local restuarants in Esher, Weybridge etc.

Ah well, I'm sure if I actually met him my view of him might be shattered so probably best left alone. Although I've heard he is very down to earth genuine person.

Nice to think he might like the area though as I do.

Ah! Your dream remains alive. There's a chap in Hampton who could pass for George... if you squint a bit....and it's dark


Not me, you understand!

Jennifer, about what time was this???? :)
Hi. it was about 8.10 on a wednesday morning. last week.
any further sightings?
If George C is walking in this area, then be it to his own peril, because if I see him, I will whisk him away pretty sharpish and lock him in my flat!! mmmmm
Not yet but I'll certainly keep an eye out...
I know the person you mean, and he does have a dog. You will sometimes see him in the Worlds End pub, but for some reason he get's a little bit upset if you tell him he looks like Clooney?
Not if I see him first!

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