Please share your favourite tips for sourcing great food or restaurants in Hampton.
I recently had a wonderful meal at Dine East. Really spectacular freshly cooked, beautifully spiced food and friendly service. Will be trying the organic cafe's Italian menu shortly and will let you know,

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Hi Jayne,

Well though I haven't eaten in either of these I know people who rave about them.

The Jolly Coopers...famed for its Sunday Lunch but you have to book!

Use Your opened in September firstly for Saturday nights only...has been so successful that they now do Fridays and Sunday Lunch- again books up fast!

Kindest regards
Thanks, yes I am looking forward to trying Use Your Loaf's italian evenings or Sunday lunch. Apparently they have a great Italian chef cooking there now. Also, if you like Use Your Loaf do a wicked scrambled eggs on toast using fresh eggs, laid usually that day and fresh home made bread. Lovely. You must try them.

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