Hamptonites may have noticed that the Cardinal Wolsey pub at Hampton Court has been refurbished. It has now reopened as the Four Seasons Grill. It is part of the hotel next door now which is also being refurbed. Anyway - I walked with family and friends to watch the cycling yesterday as they passed Hampton Court and we had lunch at the Four Seasons to try it out.

I have to report it was truly excellent. The food was outstanding, the ambience welcoming and the staff very friendly. It was not the cheapest (starters £6 - £8, mains £15) but 5* quality. We were the only people eating inside though the outside tables were pretty full.

If I were you I would nip down there asap to try it out before the word gets around.

I'm not associated with the place at all - just a very satisfied customer keen to see the place succeed so I can keep going on special occasions. 

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I was passing by there late on Saturday afternoon and decided to go in and have a look as I had a friend with me who was visiting from another part of the country and we wanted to go somewhere later that evening.  I imagined that the restaurant backed onto the river and that one could sit and admire the view but that is not the case. There were no customers in there but the staff seemed pleasant.  I had a quite look at the Specials board and it was expensive.  The dining area is at the front where the old Cardinal Wolsey pub area was.  I will give it a try but I think it will be one of those places that is very cosy in the winter.  It`s called the All Seasons Grill btw.

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