Hello all, hope you are all doing well and enjoying this beautiful weekend.

After reviewing the discussion about Cafe Plenty, with all the positive comments and as one of you mentioned another good place to eat, it came to my attention that the "Cafe Plenty Discussion" has to move on and should be renamed GREAT PLACES TO EAT OUT as we are so lucky to live in a community which offers such a variety of eateries! I am French, I love my food and I am sure I ain't the only one here!! ....    come on, I know who you are ;-)


So, after the positive comments about Plenty and her owner Tanya, where you can find daily freshly cooked dishes, using high quality local produce- helping the local economy. Help Cafe Plenty to help the community!

Then, came along Taste and its great breakfast. I must say I have only been there a couple of times, and I can say I have never been disappointed either. I am sorry I don't know the name of the owner(s), if anyone knows them, please send them my regards! Nice and friendly owners, good food, what else can you ask for....


The latest place I went no later than today was not in Hampton Village but in Hampton Court - what I like to call it the "Greater Hampton" well London has its own, why not Hampton... Anyway the place is a small family French bistrot called "Le Petit Nantais".

I went with my friend for the first time today. The rabbit looks beautiful and my supreme de poulet au bleu (chicken breast with Blue cheese sauce) was so nice and tasty! Followed by a well garnished cheese platter. To finish, profiterolles and mousse au chocolat pour moi -i like the "no butter.no cream". I felt so much better and less guilty LOL

Without forgetting the professionalism and friendliness of the bilingual staff, very attentive. They made us feel welcomed minutes we stepped in to their establishment.

Anyway, I love the friendly atmosphere and the great food at Le Petit Nantais, et je reviendrai tres bientot, c'est sur!
I would recommend it to all!!
On this note, I look forward to hearing other places's feedback!!


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There's no need to take your bat and ball home....

I quite rightly pointed out the inaccuracies with you post, but agreed that what happened, shouldn't have happened. As you admit, if it was Cafe Plenty you speak to the owner, so I suggest you do the same with the Railway Bell. It was just a shame that you initially jumped to the wrong conclusions and then came on here...

Also, the Railway Bell has taken on new staff recently, so this may have been a factor? If it is, then they need to be told that they've over stepped the mark. Trouble is, unless someone informs Kirstan of a situation, then she'll never know and therefore won't be able to act.

With regards to not commenting on other negatives posts: I'm not aware of any comments that are incorrect, there may well be, but I don't know the proprietors of the other establishments (accept for Nick at the Coopers, but I doubt there would be any negative comments towards him).

Keep reviewing though, no need to stop just because I set the record straight.

All the best


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