Hello All, This Saturday I will attend The London Scottish annual Regimental Remembrance Dinner at RHQ.There will be many distinguished guests. I have not missed a single dinner since 1956. On 31st October 1914 The LS was the first TA Regiment to see action in the First World War.These young Scotsmen who all working in London were called up and transported to Ypres in old London buses. They spent the night in what was left of The Cloth Hall singing Scottish songs the favourite being, 'The Rowan Tree'. It was on the Saturday morning they were marched from Ypres to the Messines Ridge. As they marched to their point of contact they had to pass some Cavelry Regiments tending their horses the Cavelrymen all ran to the side of the road and cheered these part time soldiers going into action for the first time. Once in the trenches the soldiers found that the ammunition would only singularly load, thus reducing their fire power. That night the Germans came 'Over the Top'. The reduced Fire Power could do little to repel them, soon it was hand to hand fighting. Our Sergeant Major 'Big' G N Smith stood with his rifle, using butt and bayonet taking on all comers. In the 50s whenever his name was mentioned to the old boys, there was always the comment 'What a Fighter'. The London Scottish held the line and drove the enemy back. But on the Sunday morning 394 TA soldiers still in their kilts lay on the Battle Field dead or wounded. We who serve in The London Scottish Regiment, Hallowe'en is a time to remember those brave young men who gave their lives on that day. I never fired a shot in anger, but I am very proud to have been The Drum Major and in a small way be associated with those young men. Yours aye. Bryan

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