Yet again, as they only had it dug up a few weeks ago in the same place, both side of Station Road has a hole in it AND NO BUS STOP AGAIN so you either have to get off at the river or at the station.  A long walk for some.

Someone must have dug the holes and put yellow pipes there, but I have just come back home at 2.30pm and no one is working and I didn't see anybody working there yesterday around 1pm.

I suppose that once again the powers that be didn't talk to each other as surely this could have been done when the road was dug up a few weeks ago.  Also no temporary bus stop the same as last time.

Notice of this and a temporary bus stop would certainly help the mood of people

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Hi Janice - I pinged TFL's buses Twitter account and they said "Our traffic controller couldn't find any safe place to put in a temporary stop at that location. I'm sorry about this." (See Twitter sidebar at right).

Thanks Matt for trying.  I tried last time and they said all in hand, but never appeared.  I cannot understand why they can't but a temporary bus stop where the old bust stop use to be down towards Curves.

I have now reported this to the Council as yet again, 3 days in a row, no workmen to be seen. It is suppose to be finished on the 8th, apparently it's gas works

Yippee a temp bus stop appeared this afternoon (although no workers did all day) and it's near Curves. Easily solved when you think about it

4th day and not a workman in sight - yet again.  It was suppose to be finished today

Heavens I actually saw workman at about 1 pm today, holes closed in (on time) but barriers still there.  Surely this could have been obtained on a quicker basis had the workman actually been there on the last 4 days.  Let's hope the barriers down tomorrow and the bust stop back and all back to normal.  Heavens what will it be like once they start doing the Police Station?

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