I would truly like to know why the Hampton Christmas fair is on a Saturday? This is going to cause havoc to the local area! Let alone Disrupt local family’s with the chosen time. It’s the run up too Christmas, traffic will be terrible, how can locals go out shopping or even have guest over to visit? (As your diary get booked up well I advance) As you are unable to drive home between 4-7. It’s getting bigger every year without the quality of the event improving or offering something different.

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James, I am sorry you feel agreived at the Hampton Village Christmas event being moved to a Saturday. The reasons are to make the event more inclusive to shops and businesses that are not open on a Sunday. The event is designed to show everyone the fantastic local independent shops and businesses that we have in Hampton. Unlike all of the other towns and villages in LBRUT we kept everything as local and community inclusive as possible. We do not have fun fair rides or allow businesses with no connection to Hampton to take part. The event costs around £7,500 to put on without road closures and bus diversions which the council and TFL have kindly waived this year, but it costs 2 times as much for the roads to be closed on a Sunday and the council asked us to make cost cuts with regards to the road closures and having the event on a Saturday has done this. The whole event is planned, run and executed on an entirely voluntary basis and we do try our best not to cause too much disruption but, no matter how you try you cannot please everyone. Anyone who is affected by the road closures will have had or will soon be getting a leaflet delivered clearly outlining the road closures for the 3 hours the event is on for.
The time has been chosen so small children can take part in the singing, the Christmas games and to visit Santa in his grotto and enjoy the general lovely family atmosphere that we go to great ends to protect and promote in the Village.
To help solve some of your issues with the event why not try keeping it local and use the local shops for that afternoon, we will also have local crafters selling their wares in a marquee on the green so you could pick up a truly original gift, if you really need to drive in those 3 hours perhaps you could park your car in a road that is near by to you that will remain open. (See leaflet) And with our being rude maybe you could arrange to visit your friend for just this one occasion instead of having them visit you, or bring them along to join in, just an suggestion. We hope you will come and join in the event and see how many people and especially the children enjoy these 3 hours of family fun and festivities, if you feel you can’t do that then again sorry you feel aggrieved for the date change. But hopefully this has answered you question as to why the day has been changed.
Jane Witham
On behalf of Hampton Village Traders

What date is the fair?

I cannot see a date anywhere on here in "events" or elsewhere on the site


Sat 8th December 4-7pm

I've added an Events entry. If HVTA want to do their own, please feel free and I'll delete my placeholder.

Thanks Matt D, it’s impossible for us to keep up with all the websites, Facebook and social media sites that have cropped up in recent times and with very limited volunteers to boot, time just not available to monitor it all. Posters are up all around the Village and anyone affected by the road closures will have had or will be getting a leaflet with the info on, and an email address to contact us on


I for one think it's fantastic that the fair is being held on a Saturday this year. As I work shifts and have to be up at 4am, we often miss out on the evenings entertainment. It's 3 hours of road closures, not weeks of travel disruption. How about embracing the local community spirit and join in with the fantastic atmosphere that these local traders work so hard to create. I take my hat's off to each one of you and I for one can't wait. Support your local shops and the Christmas fair!

Well done HVT keep up the good work!

Agree. It's a proper shame when people moan about something truly local and paid for by others. I don't even have kids to enjoy it but I wouldn't want it stopped.
Jane you mention a lack of volunteers. If anything I can do to help am more than happy to help if something needs doing (even if just doing the leafleting before hand) so please shout!

Another supporter here. 

3hrs out of the whole year?! Honestly, words fail me. James, it gets bigger every year because word spreads how good it is...... *face palm

p.s Tbf I think James is just trolling (at least I hope so)

When I moved here and for many years afterwards I moaned that Station Road, never felt like Christmas, dull and nothing happening.  It is a great show, I have been involved for a good few years but unfortunately I will miss it this year.  Hope it all goes well

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