For those of you who decided not to stick with the Hampton Supermarket discussion you may have missed the fascinating tangent at which the discussion spun off - the long and short of it is that in September we will mark the Centenary of Cinema in Hampton.

In September 1912 the Palaceum Cinema opened in Station Road in the building which is still in existence but occupied by Curves Gym - right opposite the Police Station.

Robin has already asked in the original thread how the anniversary should be marked. Certainly I think (if the owners are amenable) that some tasteful plaque should be erected on the site to mark the 100 years but surely some greater community event could be arranged? I'm wondering whether it could be possible to speak to the people who arranged the open air screenings in Bushy Park could be approached to have a one night special screening on Hampton Green. And if that would be possible, how tidy it would be to have a screening of the current Oscar tipped silent movie sensation The Artist (yes, yes, I know it's set in the 1920s but what other suitable film could there be for 1912 other than Titanic and there are some places I draw a line!)

What do HPN members think?

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Had an absolute fab time.  Must admit I didn't see an awful lot of advertising about it, just lucky a friend of mine happened to ask me that very evening if I was going.... Cooked myself (so sorry wasn't aware either that there would be food to eat) a pizza, took along a bottle of wine and christened my brand new picnic rug ha ha.  The atmosphere was brill and was pleased to see that all ages were present.  A huge thank you to everyone involved in the staging of this event clap, clap, clap of hands.

A great evening, and perfect weather for it. Lets do it again some time!

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