This development is being undertaken by LBRuT Parks and Open spaces department.
Was the creation of this path currently under construction ever put to area consultation?
Is the path, which claims to be from Fulmer Close to Morland Close (and isn't) justified?
Is this path a project of Friends of Hampton Common?

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First I've heard of it, but a quick scan of the LBRuT website shows:

(there's a heading missing, the relevant bit is about halfway down just under the Hatherop Park Pavilion entry).

However, I cannot find any reference to the path in the Parks Improvement Programme referenced.

Interestingly, a quick look on the satellite photo on Google Maps shows a faint line across the field between those two roads mentioned - perhaps a pre-existing track, or one trail blazed by the locals that's being made permanent?
I've no info on this but just touching on Clive's commet about the trail blazed by locals it reminded me of something learned by watching QI. Those seemingly random yet well trodden paths you see across fields and parklands which defy any reasonable explanation for the route taken - the people who create them are known by cartographers as 'Meanderthals'. Which is rather pleasing, don't you think?
The tracks across the grass are from the two paths which give access between Fulmer Close and the park area. I think they are mostly but not exclusively generated by pupils walking to Hampton Community College via Dean Road. This route is direct, and a convenient short cut.
Further to John Stillman’s posting I respond on behalf of the Hampton Common Friends as follows:-

1) The improvement and addition of paths, along with the new benches, were in the top four priorities voted by local residents. There was extensive consultation including sending out questionnaires which were returned directly to the Council Parks Department. Also paths were discussed at well attended meetings which took place at Buckingham Primary School and local people were consulted at the annual May Day Fulmer Close Fair.
2) For clarification purposes the new path which has now been completed runs from Embleton Walk/Morland Close site and connects to the existing path which runs along the houses backing onto Hampton Common which also connects to the Morland Close/Fearnley Crescent site This particular path was chosen as it was felt that it is the one that will serve most of the community in the best possible way, including wheel chair access from Shooting Star Hospice and better access for parents with pushchairs, and also the elderly. In the past staff from the Shooting Star had to push children in their wheel chairs all the way to other end of Buckingham Road to get access to the existing paths in the Common.
3) The Hampton Common Friends and residents have been closely involved in this decision and work closely with the Parks Department and on behalf of the Friends Group I wish to thank them.
4) It is the intention of the Group to continue to work with the Council and local residents to make further improvements in the Common for the benefit of all. The objective is to make Hampton Common accessible all year round for all sections of the community.
5) It is also worth pointing out to John Stillman and any other interested party that all three ward councillors were informed by the Council on 1st July that work would start on the path on 13th July, including a map showing the exact position of the path. The Hampton Common Friends Groups had no contact from any of the Ward Councillors about the proposed path and to my knowledge they didn’t contact the Council either with their views before work commenced.
6) Our meetings are open to all. We do email interested parties where we have their details and we put notices in advance in the three notice boards around the Common.

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