I was concerned to see 4 youths (guessing 15 - 17 year old young men) "playing" very violently with the swings at the green. They were throwing the seats hard until they wrapped right over the top. There was plenty of noise as the metal parts crashed against the parts of the swings. All this was at least misuse but possibly vandalism. The swings were obviously not designed for this treatment.

This all occurred on Friday evening at about 20.30 (11 May 2018).

When I passed by about 15 minutes later (time to buy some very tasty fish and chips from Marini's) the boys were making their way westerly along Station Road towards the direction of station/Waitrose/Oldfield Road.

How should this behaviour be reported?


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Hi John - 15 to 17 year olds are children, not men. They probably got bored and went home. 

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