This morning there was quite a lot of helicopter noise. This seems to be quite a common occurrence. Today I think it was just one large helicopter, but sometimes it seems to be more than one. Anyone any idea what they are up to and where they come from? My impression is that it is mainly at the weekend, but I could be wrong!

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Hi Paul

I seem to remember this being a topic of conversation over at Hampton Online a year or so ago. It causes quite a bit of annoyance among residents because of the noise and vibration effect. Sometimes you see the odd military double blader, such as you see on coverage of Iraq - then you know you've been visited by a chopper as you manfully struggle to keep your fillings in place
One of the main helicopter routes in and out of London passes along the Thames and over Bushy Park (cutting out the loop between Kingston and Hampton). Designed to keep single-engined helicopters away from built-up areas (and Heathrow) as much as possible. Twin-engined helicopters are sometimes allowed to stray outside those routes, and do.

Of course this doesn't apply to the police helicopters or air ambulances - they are usually the ones making the most noise around here as they either chase someone or circle about looking for a landing spot in the case of the ambulance.

See more info from London Heliport here. They also link to a map showing the control zones and routes.

As it's the British Grand Prix tomorrow, that might explain increased traffic, as those drivers and other posh types do so love their helicopters!

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