Do you think it is about time the tramp living in the old bus stop was moved on? Is the bus stop listed as it has been there years since it was used for a stop. Don't want to think about what lurks in the bushes of the green area Crane Walk behind the stop.

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Hard hearted hammer. Your name suits you.

Hammer, why not have a chat with him yourself, and find out about his circumstances? He seems a very pleasant gentleman and I'm sure he'd share the shelter with you if it was raining.

Hammer said:

Or maybe Kensington or Chelsea?????

If he doesn't accept what he is offered.....TOUGH

His name is John and he is always polite when i have talked to him, my workmates have offered him coffee and food but he always refuses, he has been in the shelter for three years now and doesn't want to be put in a hostel because he thinks (maybe rightly) that they are full of drug addicts and alcoholics, unless he is upsetting anybody i can't see any reason why he can stay in the bus shelter.

Thank you Colin - I can now at least address John by his name.  

All the best

I quite often see him talking to folks, quite often some mums with kids. I don't see him most days as I ride past. Since I can't go though Dukes Head Passage at least during the day.

Hammer - can I suggest you stop and talk to John next time you are passing, i'm sure you will find him nothing but friendly and polite. I took my seven year old to meet him after he asked about the man who lived in the bus stop. They had a good chat. I took him a flask of tea but he (very politely) refused it.

As disappointed as I was to read your initial post in this thread, I was equally heartened by the kind and compassionate posts which followed. As others have said, there but for the grace of God. I am sure he has a tough enough time as it is without the likes of you trying to raise a posse to move him on. Try and find a little warmth in that heart of yours.

Maybe someone on here could exercise some Christian spirit and invite him into their homes for Christmas lunch?  Somehow I don`t think that is going to happen though

Folks - I've deleted a couple of snarky and/or provocative post-Christmas comments on this thread. Please be considerate.
Thanks Matt
I attended the annual supporters meeting of SPEAR just before Christmas, this local charity tries to assist rough sleepers. I asked if someone could visit John and see if he would accept help. I know that he does not have a good opinion of SPEAR, not sure why, but it was worth a try. I'll phone after the holidays and see if anyone did contact him.

I presume my response to Sue C is one of those you deleted, I hardly see how, 'Did you', in reply to her wider criticism of the Hampton community, could have possibly been misconstrued, considered contentious, provocative or even snarky, it was a simple question that promoted...'what could I have done instead of expecting others to do something'.

A little worrying if we now have an 'Editor' surveying and censoring legitimate responses.

Happy New Year!
Matt D said:

Folks - I've deleted a couple of snarky and/or provocative post-Christmas comments on this thread. Please be considerate.
Thanks Matt
Thanks Ian - Yours was the least offensive of a handful of comments regarding the hypocrisy or otherwise of Sue's appeal to Christian charity, which together were a bit of a pile-on and generally unedifying.

Regarding "editing": comments on the site have been moderated since its inception, and will continue to be so.

Happy New Year to you and yours too!

I came back to very cold temperatures in the UK this morning and I thought of poor John.  Is he still sleeping in the bus stop?

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