Do you think it is about time the tramp living in the old bus stop was moved on? Is the bus stop listed as it has been there years since it was used for a stop. Don't want to think about what lurks in the bushes of the green area Crane Walk behind the stop.

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Just to say I have phoned SPEAR. The volunteer receptionist said she would follow up and find out if an out reach worker had visited John. Some local people are kind and deliver food to him and he has the offer of a shower from the Hampton Hill swimming pool.

well done, Val. I think  a lot of people will be glad to know that.

I have not seen John for a week, does anyone know if he's been rehoused?

Sorry don't know what's happened. The council changed the bench a while back from one long one to a divided one. This would have made it very difficult for anyone to sleep.

Thanks Val, I too found that bench change rather brutal, but John stayed, and still got visitors, for months,  now suddenly,  he's gone...........I spoke to him once, he seemed like a normal young man , he told me he was homeless, and, with great optimism, how the local MP was looking into his case, I can't imagine how he survived for years on that bench.

Neither can I. I suspect their is a mental health problem. Very sad that he cannot access help, or maybe it's been offered and refused. Who knows.

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